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Who We Are

KB Konnection is a quality staffing firm with an outstanding reputation as a premier recruiter of professional talent


KB Konnection, Inc. is dedicated to ensuring that each candidate we present to our clients meets or exceeds all of our client’s expectations. We make sure that each applicant is trustworthy, professional, efficient, and fully qualified. KB Konnection, Inc.’s objective is to develop long-term partnerships with customers based on a thorough knowledge of their organization’s special staffing needs combined with their own personal standards for service and support.

At KB Konnection, we match not only job descriptions but also personalities to make sure that the right person gets the right position. We know how important it is for people in your company or business with different backgrounds and experiences working together harmoniously – which makes us an excellent choice if you’re looking for someone who can bring diverse perspectives into their work environment!


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What We Stand By

Core Values


Through collaboration we multiply our contribution. Together, we are stronger and can contribute more.


We work hard to maintain a positive attitude and always expect the best possible outcome.

Customer Focus

Our customers are our lifeblood. We take a nuanced look into their business and people in order to work better together


We love what we do. We are passionate about our business and that's what makes us different from other companies in this industry

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KB Konnection, Inc.

The Only Partner You Can Rely On

You deserve a staffing solution that fits your needs. With our award-winning customer service and multiple service offerings, we find the best candidates for your business. 

Our Mission

We Take Our Work Personally

Our mission is to provide the best recruiting and staffing services in order for us be judged as industry standards.

Our objective is to provide the best customer service possible and build positive relationships with both candidates looking for their next job, as well as current employees.

Our Vision

Empowering Those Around Us

Our vision is to be the gold standard for business excellence. We are committed not only in our work environment but also when it comes time for clients and employees alike, because respect goes hand-in-hand with kindness on both ends of every transaction — no matter how big or small your request may seem!

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Every business is unique and you're not looking for just any candidate to join your team. You want staffing solutions that align with your goals

That's why you need a trusted partner like KB Konnection to solve those hiring challenges